Automatic Medical Water Treatment Multi Effect Pure Water Treatment Plant for Injection

Product Name:Automatic control Multi effect water distiller for water for injection


Multi effect water distiller Structure

This equipment is made up of 5 evaporators, 5 pre-heaters,5 steam-liquid separators, 2 condensers, feed pumper, filter, control valve, flow meter, frame, piping and controller.

1. Evaporator

Adopt the technology of tube falling film evaporation to ensure RO water (pure water) evenly spread on the inwall of evaporation tube and form water film evaporation.

The first effect pure steam provide the second one with heat energy, and complete evaporation, liquefaction and form distilled water by itself.

2. Steam-liquid separator

Adopt 4 steam-water separation technology( steam-water centrifugal separation,underneath rotary vane clapboard separation,wire mesh capture water drop separation,upper rotary vane clapboard separation) to ensure distilled water’s heat source and endotoxin lower.

A relatively lower request for the pure water, one stage RO(10us/cm) and below it could produce distilled water in line with pharmacopeia standard.

3. Pre-heater

Adopt U tube to exchange heat, high heat exchange efficiency, good mechanical performance, long operating life.

4. Condenser

Unique double condenser design, custom-made multiple path come and go structure, heat exchange enough ,no need for special cooling water, and can reach the temperature distilled water need.

5. Tubing

There is no trap water and no dead angle in the tube, low fault rate, pipeline are connected up by new type hygiene hoop , both inside and outside are mirror finished, neat appearance ,operate quickly and conveniently.

6. Configuration

Adjusting valve, automatic compensating valve, throttling valve, conductivity meter, thermograph.

Adopting high-tech products from home and abroad, appearance attractive, function complete .

7. Source of water

The water that the equipment needs must be the pure water produced by RO system.


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